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7 Reasons You Must Attend the IMCAS World Congress in Paris

The International Master Course in Aging Science annual conference has been running for nearly 20 years and is now one of the most important international courses in cosmetology. This January, over four days in Paris, the conference aims to bridge the gap between dermatology and plastic surgery allowing the synergistic development of both specialties.

The IMCAS World Congress provides experts in aesthetic medicine from many different backgrounds, and from many different countries, the opportunity to share their knowledge in order to improve their clinical techniques and their aesthetics practice.

I have attended the congress every year for the last five years and I’ve found it to be a fantastic environment to grow myself professionally. Here are my top 7 reasons why you must attend the congress in Paris this year.

1. Meeting professional colleagues

With over 7,000 attendees coming from 85 different countries the congress is a fantastic opportunity to network, whether that is in the academic environment of the lectures and symposia, or during the more relaxed environment of the cocktail events or gala dinner. The congress is full of opportunities to meet like-minded people, make stimulating conversation, and to make valuable connections in the world of aesthetic medicine.

2. New research

The congress attracts world leaders in cosmetology who come to present and discuss their own research in fields as diverse as hair restoration, beautification and the treatment of hyper-pigmented skin. Members of the IMCAS board work hard to build links with other scientific and academic institutions to ensure that congress attendees benefit from the best and most innovative research in the fields of dermatology, plastic surgery and medical aesthetics.

3. Top Speakers

As you might expect the IMCAS World Congress can boast some excellent speakers. These include top aesthetic doctors such as my friend Dr Raj Acquilla, the UK ambassador for Allergan Facial Aesthetics, who will, amongst other topics, be talking about combined injectable treatments, or Dr Benjamin Ascher, head of the Clinique of Aesthetic Surgery IENA in Paris, who will be talking about vulvovaginal rejuvenation and injecting the midface. There will be live injection session by my dear friend and colleague Wolfgang Redka-Swoboda.  In all, around 520 expert speakers will be attending the congress and sharing the benefit of their wisdom and experience by delivering over 250 hours of learning.

Hervé Raspaldo, IMCAS 2016:


4. New techniques and future technologies

The world of medicine, and especially the world of aesthetic medicine, is continually changing and some ground breaking technologies will be on display at the congress. This will include the role of robotics in the future of minimally invasive procedures, the use of biochip implant technology, and new materials for facial injectables. Attending the congress gives attendees the chance to be at the cutting edge of aesthetic medicine and learn from people who are pushing the boundaries of current treatments.

5. Practical demonstrations

The congress is not just for talking through theory, there are also numerous hands on, practical demonstrations using both bio-realistic models and cadavers that allow attendees to gain practical experience in new skills or to spend time honing old skills. This is a safe environment to learn difficult and innovative techniques such as how to inject safely into risky areas.

6. Learning how to grow your business

Being an aesthetic doctor is not just about making people look more beautiful and more youthful, but it is also about making a living. For this reason the congress also caters for those who wish to grow their business and, perhaps, explore new markets such as those of Eastern Europe.

Beautiful Paris

7. The beautiful city of Paris

If all of the reasons above are not enough to tempt you into attending the IMCAS world congress then perhaps the venue in the beautiful city of Paris will be. Where better to learn about keeping people looking youthful and beautiful then in one of the most beautiful and romantic cities on Earth? Enjoy!


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